Black Shark S1 Smart Watch: How does it stack up against the big boys? (2024)

Black Shark S1 Smart Watch: How does it stack up against the big boys? (1)

Black Shark, ever heard of it? Unless you're a gaming aficionado, probably not. But let me tell you, when it comes to gaming phones, Black Shark is the shark in the water you can't ignore. Since its first phone in 2018, the brand has expanded its line to include a variety of models, all boasting high-end specs and gaming-centric features. Now, they're dipping their toes into the world of smartwatches.

So, let's cut to the chase. Here at Heyup, we're about to do what we do best: give you the lowdown on some of the most innovative brands and their tech. Today, we're putting the Black Shark S1 smartwatch under the microscope, comparing it with two other key players in the market: the Xiaomi Band 8 and the Huawei Band 8. So, buckle up, it's about to get techy.

Design and Build: Elevating Style and Functionality

Starting with design, the Black Shark S1 boasts a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, adorned with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels and a buttery-smooth 60FPS refresh rate, speaks to the hearts of gamers and tech aficionados.The design is sleek, modern, and unapologetically gamer-centric.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 boasts a slightly larger 1.62-inch AMOLED always-on display with a resolution of 192 x 490 pixels. The crown jewel here is the new quick-release strap design, making it not just a fitness tracker but also a versatile accessory that can be worn as a necklace or even attached to your running shoes.

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Huawei Band 8, while not as attention-grabbing, strikes a balance between size and readability with its 1.47-inch AMOLED display. With a resolution of 194 x 368 pixels and an increased brightness of 500 nits, it ensures that information remains visible and accessible even in different lighting conditions. It's a design that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, targeting users who prefer a sleek and functional look.

Health and Fitness Tracking: Wellness at Your Fingertips

When it comes to health and fitness tracking, the Black Shark S1 Watch doesn't hold back. Its 24-hour health monitoring suite encompasses heart rate tracking, blood oxygen level monitoring, stress assessment, sleep analysis, period tracking, and a whopping 100+ sports modes. For the active souls who live and breathe fitness, this watch serves as a dedicated companion on your journey to better health and well-being. The S1's gaming origin is balanced with a robust health arsenal, catering to both your virtual and real-world victories.

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In this category we have to admit that the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 takes the wellness game up a notch. Boasting over 150 sports modes, continuous heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, and stress analysis, it's a holistic solution for fitness enthusiasts who want a comprehensive overview of their well-being. With battery life reaching up to 16 days under regular use and 6 days with the always-on display enabled, it ensures that you stay on track without interruptions.

The Huawei Band 8 may seem understated, but its health and fitness tracking capabilities are far from it. Featuring permanent heart rate and SpO2 tracking, along with 100 training modes, it's built to accommodate a variety of fitness routines and activities. While not as expansive as its more expensive competitors, it offers a well-rounded experience for users seeking a balance between health tracking and other features.

Battery Performance: Endurance for Your Journey

When it comes to battery life, the Black Shark S1 Watch flexes its muscles. Armed with a mighty 330mAh battery, it boasts an impressive 10-day usage duration and a jaw-dropping 20 days on standby.

In the opposite corner, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 showcases its power management finesse. With a battery life of up to 16 days during regular use and 6 days with the always-on display feature active, it ensures that you stay connected and motivated without worrying about constant recharges. This balance between longevity and usability is a sweet spot for those who require a dependable fitness companion.

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Huawei Band 8 brings a different flavor to the ring. Its average battery life of 14 days is complemented by fast charging capabilities that grant a full charge in just 45 minutes. While not quite matching its competitors in sheer endurance, its fast charging ensures that downtime is minimal, letting you get back to your routine swiftly.

Smart Features and Connectivity: Beyond Fitness

Smart features and connectivity play a significant role in these wearables' overall utility. The Black Shark S1 Watch is not just about health and fitness. It allows you to answer calls with its built-in loudspeaker and ENC microphones. The inclusion of in-app GPS functionality adds to its versatility, making it a suitable choice for those who value connectivity and gaming on the go.

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 offers a more balanced approach to smart features. With basic functionalities like notifications and music controls, it covers the essentials that keep you informed and entertained. Some models also embrace NFC and voice assistant support, further enhancing the user experience. It's a middle ground for those who appreciate a bit of everything without overwhelming complexity.

Huawei Band 8 takes simplicity and user-friendliness to heart. Its intuitive interface is complemented by features like weather readouts, music control, and smartphone search. While not as extravagant as its counterparts, it places emphasis on practicality and ease of use, catering to those who seek a straightforward yet effective experience

Price and Value: Finding the Sweet Spot

Finally, let's talk about pricing and value. The Black Shark S1 Watch enters the arena with a price tag of around $37 . For gamers and tech enthusiasts who value gaming-centric design and features, this represents excellent value. It's an investment that bridges the gap between gaming and health, offering a holistic package.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 also steps in as a very affordable option, starting at $34. This competitive pricing doesn't mean a compromise on features. With its extensive health tracking capabilities and user-friendly interface, it's a solid choice for individuals seeking value without sacrificing functionality.

Huawei Band 8 is slightly on the more expensive side retailing at $69 but it still offers good value for what it offers and is still cheaper than most of the competitors out there. With a range of features that cater to wellness and basic connectivity needs, it provides a harmonious blend of innovation and practicality.

So how does the Black Shark S1 stack up?

Consider this: The S1 boasts a 1.43-inch AMOLED display with an impressive 60FPS refresh rate, catering not only to gamers but anyone who values stunning visuals. It's a gaming watch that doesn't compromise on aesthetics or functionality. The addition of ENC Bluetooth calling and the capability to answer phone calls directly from the watch make it a convenient tool for staying connected.

In terms of health and fitness tracking, the S1 doesn't fall short either. With 24-hour health monitoring encompassing heart rate, blood oxygen, stress assessment, sleep analysis, and more, it's a comprehensive package that aligns with the most recognized fitness wearables in the market. Over 100 sports modes and in-app GPS functionality cater to a wide range of activities and preferences.

But what sets the Black Shark S1 apart is its incredible battery life – up to 10 days of usage and a staggering 20 days in standby mode. This endurance aligns with the best in the industry and ensures that you stay powered up for longer periods. All of this is available at a price point that's slightly more approachable than some of its competitors.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 and Huawei Band 8, while certainly impressive in their own right, showcase a different approach to wearables. The Mi Band 8 focuses on a blend of style and functionality, while the Huawei Band 8 aims for a balanced mix of tradition and innovation. Both devices bring their strengths to the table, catering to different user preferences.

Conclusion: Making the Choice

In the end, the choice between the Black Shark S1 Watch, Xiaomi Mi Band 8, and Huawei Band 8 boils down to your priorities and preferences. The Black Shark S1 Watch caters to gamers and tech enthusiasts, blurring the lines between gaming and health. The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 excels as a comprehensive fitness companion with a touch of smart features. The Huawei Band 8 takes a balanced approach, focusing on essential features and user-friendliness. As you navigate through this trio of wearables, remember that each device is a reflection of your lifestyle and needs.

And if this article has raised your heart rate enough that you feel like you need a Black Shark S1 wrist watch to keep track just to make sure everything is fine and dandy, why not head over to our community page and start a post asking for the Blackshark S1 to be featured on Heyup Tryouts. This way you could have a chance to give it a whirl completely free.

Black Shark S1 Smart Watch: How does it stack up against the big boys? (2024)


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